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Dear Colleagues,

The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation
cordially invites you to attend their upcoming Annual Meeting in Berlin,
March 29 - 31, 2012.

We are excited to welcome distinguished international

Rick Kluft, Richard Loewenstein, Sandra Wieland,
Helga Matthess, Andrew Moskowitz and Kathy Steele
will present
workshops on diagnosis and therapy with children and adults during the

Plenary presentations will be
given by Joachim Gauck, Michaela Huber, Marja Rexwinkel and Bethany Brand,
as well as by Eli Somer, Silke Gahleitner, and Reinhild

A highlight of this meeting will be a three-hour
workshop offered by Bruce Perry.

In combination with your contributions we look forward
to developing a program that aptly reflects the current knowledge base in the
field of trauma and dissociation with a focus on the areas of diagnosis and
therapy, research, and society.

Please submit your abstract here addressing these themes:

·         Treatment Adults

·         Treatment adolescents/


·         Adjunctive/ nonverbal

·         Theory

·         Empirical findings/ research

Deadline abstract submission November 20,

For additional
information visit the website

Please pass this information on to your

See you in Berlin!


Best regards

Bettina Overkamp, PhD                    Ursula Gast,
MD                                Suzette Boon, PhD

ESTD Executive Committee             ESTD Bi-Annual
Meeting 2012         Scientific Committee

Chair, Scientific Committee

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