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2013 Mar;95(2):149-58. doi: 10.1080/00223891.2012.725438. Epub 2012 Oct 2.

More challenges since wikipedia: the effects of exposure to internet information about the rorschach on selected comprehensive system variables.


a Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology , Widener University.


To determine the effects of reading the Wikipedia article on the Rorschach on Comprehensive System variables, participants in this study (recruited from parent-teacher associations, online message boards, and graduate schools; N = 50) were provided with either a copy of the Wikipedia article on the Rorschach (from April 2010) or an irrelevant article, then administered the Rorschach and instructed to "fake good." Monetary incentives were used to increase motivation to dissimulate. Initial results indicated that participants given the Wikipedia article produced a lower number of responses (R) and had higher scores on Populars, X+%, XA%, and WDA% as compared to controls. However, post-hoc analyses revealed that when the influence of Populars was controlled, significant differences for X+%, XA%, and WDA% disappeared. No significant differences were found for Form%, Zf, Blends, or PER, although post-hoc analyses controlling for differences in R revealed a significant difference between groups on Zf%. Limitations of the study and implications for clinical and forensic practice are discussed.



[PubMed - in process] 

Tags: neuroimaging

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