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Factors influencing mental

health providers’ intention

to use telepsychotherapy in

First Nations communities

Johana Monthuy-Blanc

Universite´ du Que´bec a` Trois-Rivie`res

Ste´phane Bouchard, Christophe Maı¨ano and Monique Se´guin

Universite´ du Que´bec en Outaouais



Telemental health is the use of information and communications technologies and
broadband networks to deliver mental health services and support wellness.
Although numerous studies have demonstrated the efficiency and utility of telemental
health, certain barriers may impede its implementation, including the attitudes of mental
health service providers. The current study draws on the technology acceptance model
(TAM) to understand the role of mental health service providers’ attitudes and perceptions
of telemental health (psychotherapy delivered via videoconferencing) on their
intention to use this technology with their patients. A sample of 205 broadly defined
mental health service providers working on 32 First Nations reserves in the province of
Quebec completed the questionnaire adapted to assess TAM for telepsychotherapy.
Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling provided evidence for
the factor validity and reliability of the TAM in this sample. The key predictor of the
intention to use telepsychotherapy was not mental health providers’ attitude toward
telepsychotherapy, nor how much they expected this service to be complicated to use,
but essentially how useful they expect it to be for their First Nations patients.
If telemental health via videoconferencing is to be implemented in First Nations communities,
it is essential to thoroughly demonstrate its utility to mental health providers.
Perceived usefulness will have a positive impact on attitudes toward this technology, and
perceived ease of use will positively influence perceived usefulness. Cultural issues
specific to the populations receiving telemental health services may be more efficiently
addressed from the angle of perceived usefulness.
Corresponding author:
Ste´phane Bouchard, Laboratory of Cyberpsychology, Universite´ du Que´bec en Outaouais, 283, Boulevard
Alexandre-Tache´, C.P. 1250, Succursale Hull, Gatineau, Que´bec, J8X 3X7, Canada.Published online before print May 10, 2013, doi: 10.1177/1363461513487665 Transcultural Psychiatry 1363461513487665
Tags: neuroimaging

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