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British hospital to become first in Europe to use Skype for consultations
A hospital in Staffordshire is set to become the first in Europe where doctors consult with their patients via Skype.

A hospital is set to become the first in Europe to tackle waiting times by getting overworked doctors to consult with their patients via Skype.
Managers at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire claim using the online video calling service could reduce outpatient appointments by up to 35 per cent.
They argue that using Skype will help free up consultants' time and car parking spaces – while also helping patients who are unable to take time off work.
If approved, they would become the first UK hospital to use Skype to consult with patients.
The proposals, by Staffordshire's biggest hospital, also include doctors treating patients via email consultations.
Tags: e-therapy, Профессия

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