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She thinks friends, he thinks sex США-Норвегия, 2003 - 2014, повторение исследования

Mons Bendixen. Evidence of systematic bias in sexual over- and underperception of naturally occurring events: a direct replication of Haselton (2003) in a more gender-equal culture. Evol Psychol., 2014 Nov 17;12(5):1004-21

Со страницы http://www.epjournal.net/articles/evidence-of-systematic-bias-in-sexual-over-and-underperception-of-naturally-occurring-events-a-direct-replication-of-haselton-2003-in-a-more-gender-equal-culture/

Similar to an American study
The recent study at NTNU included 308 heterosexual participants between the ages of 18 and 30. Fifty-nine per cent of participants were women.
The participants were all heterosexual because sexual intercourse between men and women is necessary for reproduction. Half of the women and 40 per cent of the men were in relationships. The questions were identical to questions asked in a similar American study from 2003. Here are a few examples:
Have you ever been friendly to a person of the opposite gender, and had your actions interpreted as sexual interest? If yes, how many times has this happened?
Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone and shown interest, and had the other person misinterpret your signals as friendliness? If yes, how many times has this happened?
Men misinterpret most often
The results show that both men and women find that their social signals are misinterpreted by the opposite sex. Women in the study answered that they had acted friendly towards a man about 3.5 times over the past year on average, and had this misinterpreted as sexual interest. The men in the study also reported having been misinterpreted by the opposite sex in this way, but far less often.
The results also show that men rarely misinterpret women who actually do signal sexual interest. The study also shows that this is independent of whether or not the person is in a steady relationship or not.
Bedixen points out that Norway is considered to be one of the most gender-equal countries in the world. The USA, on the other hand, where a similar study was done in 2003, is ranked as 20th on the World Economic Forum's list for equality around the world. "The fact that the hypothesis in evolutionary psychology is supported even when the study is in a society where gender equality is strong, weakens alternative claims that the social roles of men and women in different cultures determine their psychology in these situations," he says.
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