m_d_n (m_d_n) wrote,

22-й Международный конгресс по Роршах-тесту

Состоится в июле 2017 года в Париже.

Сайт конгресса http://www.rorschachparis2017.org/


Alessandro CRISI A Practical Overview of the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test Italie
Anne ANDRONIKOF The Rorschach Comprehensive Psychodynamic System (RCPS) France
Lionel CHUDZIK Utilisation des techniques projectives comme outil thérapeutique/Using projective techniques as a therapeutic tool France
David EPHRAIM Rorschach-TAT assessment of troubled adolescents Canada
Barton EVANS Rorschach Assessment of Severe Psychopathology USA
Stephen FINN Working with Shame in Psychological Assessment USA
Patrick FONTAN CHESSSS, a free software for the Rorschach CS : basic and advanced features France
Gregory MEYER Rorschach Assessment of Personality Disorder USA
Hélène SUAREZ The Scéno-Test: Clinicals methods for the analysis of playing process France
Donald VIGLIONE A Brief Introduction to the Rorschach Performance Assessment System for Practitioners Familiar with the Rorschach USA
Sharon JENKINS Introduction to Brief Thematic Apperceptive Techniques for Clinical Screening USA
Sarah VIBERT The Rorschach and TAT analysis and interprétation methods according to the Parisian school : psychoanalytical and psychopathological perspectives France
Tags: Профессия
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