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Cleared Teacher Kato Harris

29th July 2016
Со страницы https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1525104/mega-rich-parents-of-troubled-schoolgirl-behind-false-teacher-rape-claim-blew-250k-to-help-her/

Mega-rich parents of troubled schoolgirl behind false rape claim against teacher spent £250k on investigator, lawyers and therapy

Accuser flew to therapy sessions in New York once a week while her parents hired former CPS chief and ex-top cop to pursue case against Kato Harris

THE parents of a troubled schoolgirl who falsely accused a teacher of rape went to astonishing lengths to help her — forking out around £250,000, it emerged last night.

Highly respected geography teacher Kato Harris, 37, was cleared by a jury in just 26 minutes last week.

It sparked questions over why the allegations ever went to court in the first place — after the Crown Prosecution Service initially warned police the case was too weak to press charges.

Today the full extent of the wealthy parents’ financial support for their daughter can be revealed.

They paid for two private therapists for the then 14-year-old - including one she visited in New York every week for a year — plus a psychotherapist and hypnotist.

They also privately hired a former top CPS prosecutor who brought in an ex-Scotland Yard cop as a “private investigator”.

Det Con Sarah Lloyd, leading the investigation, later admitted such involvement was “unique”.

It was only after the bullied teen gave what was described in court as a “rehearsed” interview that Mr Harris was charged.

But his subsequent speedy acquittal last week sparked fury.

One of his relatives said: “The way the girl’s parents threw money at this needs to be looked at.”

The teenager, who suffered with an eating disorder and frequent panic attacks, claimed she was attacked by Mr Harris three times at her £18,000-a-year all-girl boarding school in London.

She initially said nothing after the attacks allegedly took place in October, November and December 2013.

But the following April her housemistress noticed she seemed troubled.

She asked if she had been abused and the girl replied: “Maybe.”

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